Recommendations for light level protein detection?

Anne Spang spang at
Fri Sep 9 14:18:23 EST 1994

Hi Kenneth!
Unfortuneatly I´m not familiar with plant tissues and immunhistology in
plants. But I think you could try alkaline-phophatase-coupled secondary
antibodies with BCIP, NBT or Naphthol as substrate. The products are alI
insoluble. Alternatively you could try to biotinylate your antibodies and
use avidine coupled to B-galactosidase. Nevertheless I do not know at all
if the level of the endogenous enzymes are too high to see a specific
Just another, perhaps very stupid, comment: Couldn´t you try to fix your
tissue only methanol at -20C? But I should also mention, that if your
protein is a cytosolic component, it may be swapped away!

Hope it helps!

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