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> I'm looking for the name and phone number of a company that makes a
> thermocycler that is extremely fast. The name Idaho sticks out. As I
> recall, reactions are carried out in capillary tubes and are heated and
> cooled by light and air, respectively.
> Does anyone use this cycler? I'd like to hear your opinion of the cycler.
> Thanks.
> Shiao Wang
> University of Southern Mississippi

You are thinking of the Air Thermo-Cycler, Model 1605, from Idaho
Technology. There are 10 or so in our department, one on my bench right
now. Best thermocycler ever made. You can do 30 cycles in 45'! 

An upgraded model has recently been introduced. I don't know anything
about it. The following information is from my instruction manual:

Price:  $4,600

        Idaho Technology Inc.
        PO Box 50819
        Idaho Flls, ID 83405

Phone:  800/735-6544

Fax:    208/524-1605

I have no connection with them other than as an extremely satisfied



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