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Fri Sep 9 13:03:10 EST 1994

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[concerning the PRISM Taq dye terminator cycle sequencing kit from ABI]

> Richard, Which columns do you use and can you post a brief protocol.

Sure:  (summarized from the ABI kit directions):

1.  Mix 9.5 ul of terminator premix, 5 ul DNA template (containing 0.1 ug
PCR product or 0.5 ug ss DNA or 1 ug ds DNA), primer (0.8 pmol for ss, 3.2
pmol for ds), and water to bring final vol to 20 ul.

2.  Cycle: place tubes in cycler pre-heated to 96c; then 96c for 30sec;
50c for 15 sec; 60c for 4min; 25 cycles total; cool to 4c and hold

3.  Apply to Centri-Sep spin column (details on using this column
omitted); collect sample

4.  Dry sample in vacuum centrifuge (w/o heat)

5.  Resuspend/dissolve sample in 4 ul of 5:1 deonized formamide/50mM EDTA,
pH 8.0

6.  Heat to 90c for 2 min, then chill on ice just prior to loading

That's it.  The recommended columns are from Princeton Separation
(908-431-3338).  With "good" template this kit works really well (at least
in our hands).

R. Hardy
Member, Institute for Cancer Research,
Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
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