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> > >       I am looking for some tips on working with RNA.  Specifically,
I would
> > >like to know how people treat their plasticware. 
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> > If all your solutions are made with DEPC-treated ddH2O, then the only
> > remaining culprit would be the gel unit.
> > If it is made of chloroform resistant material you can just wipe it with a
> > chloroform-soaked kimwipe and let it air-dry (USE THE FUME HOOD FOR THIS)
> > If it cannot be cleaned with chloroform, you have to treat it with dilute
> > DEPC (described in Maniatis et al)
> > Annette
> > ah690549 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
> We generally treat our gel boxes and combs with 0.1 N NaOH overnight and
> then wash them to neutrality with DI water (Most of the times this is DEPC
> treated water but as pointed out by another resopnder, if your water
> system is in good shape this is probably not necessary.)
> As far as plastic goes, it is safe to assume that virgin plastic is free
> of RNases

3% hydrogen peroxide is the most efficient way of cleaning plastic.  Soak
in H2O2 for 1 hour to overnight.  Rinse with DEPC-treated water and let
Generally though tips etc need not be cleaned, just autoclaved assuming
that you have only touched the items with gloves on
Andrew Devitt

> I presume that your fomaldehyde and formamide are deionized.  If not, you
> might try doing that.
> Hope that helps
> SRLasky
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