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Thu Sep 8 13:14:55 EST 1994

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> I would appreciate some advice regarding the analysis of total fatty acids from
> a crude cell extract, without the use of chromatography.
> Geoffrey Bartholomeusz

I see its been a while since this post, and I can't find any replies on theses
boards, so I'll have a quick go...

Firstly, what kind of cells do you want to analyse?  I work with E. coli, and
fatty acids can be labeled by feeding cells [14C] or [3H]acetate. 
Phospholipids are then extracted with chlorform/methanol (See Bligh and Dyer -
1969? can't remember full ref right now).  To separate the aftty acids, you
really do then need to do some chromatography!  Can't see any way round that! 
Thin layer chromatography, in various systems depending on what you are looking
for, is the minimum.  GC works well for a more detailed analysis.

Post another message, or mail me direct, if you need any further info.

Richard Heath  <heath at>
Dept. Biochemistry
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, TN.

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