Macintosh Software for teaching Genetics

Sat Sep 10 16:09:57 EST 1994

Does anyone know of a good Macintosh program for teaching college-level
genetics?  For years, our school has used an ancient Apple II simulation called
CATLAB, but it is outdated and I'd like to start using a Mac program so that
students will be using a computer that is still around.  I'm not really looking
for tutorials or clip-art, but would rather something interactive where a cross
between two plants or animals can be simulated and students can figure out
modes of transmission, etc.  Also good would be something where chromosome maps
can be produced from cross-over data, or a pedigree can be used to follow the
transmission of a genetic disorder.  We do have some money to spend, but I 
would also be interested in any shareware on the Internet.  The semester is 
already under way, so any help will be GREATLY appreciated! 

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