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> Since we cannot use the Promega Wizard columns because they don't work
> what is the best alternative column for purifying DNA from minipreps for
> sequencing? Quiagen sells something called QIAprep-Spin Plasmid kit. Do
> they work? Thanks in advance.
> Marty Stoltzfus

you don't say why you can't use the Wizards or what sequencing protocol you
are using, but after a fairly exhaustive test of various miniprep methods
for use with the ABI 373A autosequencer (Wizard, Qiagen, Alk Lysis w/ and
w/o PEG ppt, boiling preps, Pharmacia and Bio-Rad) we have found that for
the most consistent preps with the best yield, Wizard plus an EtOH ppt.
works very well.  they're quick (even with the extra step), easy, and
relatively cheap (for a kit).  as another poster said, we also had problems
when they first changed resin and chemistry but now that they've worked the
bugs out of the system, it works quite nicely.

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