Patenting of Biotechnology

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Mon Sep 12 18:50:50 EST 1994

I fully agree with this string concerning patents of scientific ideas.  I work
at a large pharmaceutical company and have to do science with both hands and
one leg tied behind my back because almost every technique or idea is patented! 
This makes doing science a real challenge.  It is not only large companies,
however, that are patenting thier ideas, there are several universities in on
this as well.  Believe it or not, this is just a short list of ideas that are
patented:  E. coli codon bias, fusion proteins (any), engineering of a protease
cleavage site into a protein, use of inclusion bodies as a purification handle,
the concept of purification handles, use of DHFR as a purification handle,
protein secretion in yeast, the lambda pL/cI857 promoter system, etc, etc, etc. 

We have been trying to do science with fewer & fewer tools (and trying to get
products out the door) for years and things are only getting worse.

Mike Menke
Eli Lilly and Company

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