info about suicide vectors systemsIs2

Mon Sep 12 16:09:26 EST 1994

'Dear Sirs:
This is the first time that I dare to participate in this panel.
I am trying to substitute a wild/type gene for a defective one in 
Salmonella. I am clonig the defective construct in a pir based suicide 
plasmid in the SY327lambda pir E. coli strain. I have received such 
system from someone else in the lab and they dont have more information 
about it. I have 3 questions:
 a) Does anyone out there knows the genotype of the SY327 lambda pir?
 b) Is there a particular transformation procedure for such strain?
 c) Is there an alternative to the use of suicide vectors or phage 
transduction to knock/out genes in Salmonella?
thanks squared!
jpaniagf at

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