glycoprotein purification

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>I have an antiserum which was obtained by injecting a rabbit with an
> N-terminal sequence of an until now undescribed protein. this antiserum 
>reacts specifically with a protein present in a wheat germ agglutinin 
>fraction isolated from rat brain. I am loking for ideas or suggestions to go
> further in the purification of this antigen by another way than that I have
>used (Western blotting). Note that this protein is solubilized by DOC and 
>probably other detergents. Purification of this antigen by immunoaffinity
> chromatography is, in my opinion, not feasible since the antibodies are not
> strong enough. I am thinking about ion exchange chromatography or similar
>things. thanks in advance for your help.
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You might try Triton X-114 to selectively solubilize glycoproteins.

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