Re. RNA Storage.

J.P. Hays jph5 at
Mon Sep 12 12:26:50 EST 1994

A big thank you to all who sent me hints on the storage of RNA.

The consensus of opinion seems to be that storage at -70oC is essential unless
the RNA is being stored in formamide, (which inhibits RNAses, (Chomczynski NAR
20:3791 (1992)).

Other interesting points raised included the requirement of RNAsin for dtt,
(though dtt is present in the RNAsin buffer it's concentration may diminish 
with repeated use). Also, TE buffer cannot be DEPC treated due to a reaction
between the DEPC and tris.

At the present moment I only require small amounts of RNA, and am therefore
extracting and RT-PCRing the RNA as required. However, in the future I will 
store my extracted RNA in formamide.

Thanks again!


jph5 at  

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