Columns for miniprep DNA

Jon Burrows jb at
Tue Sep 13 18:12:04 EST 1994

Marty Stoltzfus (cmstoltz at wrote:
: Since we cannot use the Promega Wizard columns because they don't work
: what is the best alternative column for purifying DNA from minipreps for
: sequencing? Quiagen sells something called QIAprep-Spin Plasmid kit. Do
: they work? Thanks in advance.
: Marty Stoltzfus

>Recently I have been using both Wizard miniprep and Wizard midiprep kits to
>purify plasmid DNA. Taking the precaution of preheating the resin for 5 
>minutes at 37C and then letting it cool to below 30C before use. I have 
>had no problems and decent yields.. 5-10 micrograms per 3ml culture for 
>minipreps and 20-100 micrograms per 100ml culture for midipreps.
>	My colleagues next door successfully use the Quiagen Kit for 
>their plasmid preps and are very happy with them.
>Hope this helps..Cheers Jon Burrows.

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