deprobing problem

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Tue Sep 13 10:59:13 EST 1994

We find Hybond-N (Amersham) and excellent membrane for probing and 
deprobing (we call it 'stripping'). To strip the blot, we wash @ 45 
celcius for 30 min in 0.4M NaOH. Briefly rinse the blot in distilled 
water (65 celcius) then wash for 30 minutes in 0.1X SSC/0.1% SDS/0.2M 
TrisHCl at 65 celcius. This seems to work on Southerns of genomic or 
plasmid DNA. Further, i routinely dry my hybridized blots at room 
temp. before autoradiography. No problemo!

Vic Drover
Memorial University of Newfoundland
vdrover at

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