16S RNA E-mail server?

Paul A. Vescio vescip at rpi.edu
Thu Sep 15 06:41:39 EST 1994

In Article <vescip.1129998021A at usenet.rpi.edu>, vescip at rpi.edu (Paul A.
Vescio) wrote:
>Try using the RDP (Ribosomal Data Base).  For more info email to
>server at rdp.lifeuiuc.edu  A simple message -   HELP   (in caps)     will give
>you info on how to use the RDP.  Also you may want to try BLAST 
>(blast at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
>Good Luck,
>In Article <358lj7INNaio at uwm.edu>, wahlberg at csd4.csd.uwm.edu (James M
>Wahlberg) wrote:
>>        Does anyone know of an E-mail server (other than things like BioScan
>>and Gene-Server, etc.) that allow one to do comparisons of a newly sequenced
>>bit of bacterial 16S RNA to similar sequences from a variety of organisms? 
>>A post-doc I work with swears she's heard of a system dedicated to such
>>searches/comparisons.  We have the 16S RNA sequence of the organism we're
>>interested in, and she's asked me to run it through this comparison server
>>she's heard of.  Any suggestions?
>>Thanks much.
>>Jim Wahlberg    wahlberg at csd4.csd.uwm.edu
>>Dept. of Biological Sciences
>>University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
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