Mitochondrial genome size determination

Raman Sharma sharma at
Thu Sep 15 11:19:55 EST 1994

Dear Fellow Researchers
	We have recently started a project on molecular analysis of a 
gymnosperm mitochondrial genome. The estimated genome size based on 
fragments resulting from different restriction digestions analysed on 
very low percentage agarose gels is >1000kb and thus too large to measure 
accurately by this method. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis cannot be 
used to measure plant mitochondrial genome size because they naturally 
seem to consist of randomly linear fragments of 50-200kb. We are 
interested to estimate the size of this mitochondrial genome more 
accurately; perhaps using Cot curves and reassociation kinetics but have 
no experience and know-how about this technique. We will greatly 
appreciate it if someone guides us on this; particularly if 
1) any automated method is currently available or 
2) any specialised instrument which can be useful or
3) a simpler protocol that we can use ourselves or 
4) if someone is routinely doing it and can help us for this particular 
sample or 
5) any other suggestion
	Thank you in anticipation

Raman K Sharma
Ian D. Small
Genetique, INRA, Route de StCyr
Versailles Cedex 78026 FRANCE

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