ABI sequencing artifact

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> I have been using the ABI DyeDeoxy kit with Taq for sequencing and have
> encountered a strange artifact.  On one particular template, I get
> beautiful read for about 200 bp, then spotty read for about 10 bp, then
> absolutely nothing for the rest of the run.  This has happened twice, and
> the break always occurs in the same spot.  I was wondering if anyone had
> any similar occurences or any ideas about what's going on.  Thanks a
> lot!!!
> Matthew Stoecker
> U. of Washington

The only times I have seen this happen is:
1) If there is too much DNA in the sequencing reaction
2) If you are sequencing a PCR product

I usually find that it is an overdose of DNA in the reaction mix and all the 
dyes are taken up in the first few rounds of the cycle sequencing PCR.

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