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> > Do most people calibrate their Gilsons in-house or send them to an agent? 
> > I'm sure the buggers here are ripping us off as it costs loads for a 
> > simple calibration and tune-up. Could we be doing this ourselves and if
> > so do we need any special equipment?
> > John F. Ghadessy.

> You can do it yourself quite easily with an allen key, balance, some water
> and a  table that gives the tollerances of each Gilson.
> The table can be obtained from Gilson but if you can't get hold of it I
> could post the info. to you.
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Didn't the Gilson people sell calibration kits that allowed you to do this in
the lab?  If I remember correctly they supplied the tools and a few spares as
well as a series of glass capillary tubes that you attached to the pipette with
an adaptor.  I think you drew up the required volume of water and then adjusted
the pipette until the meniscus was at the appropriate line in the tube - so,
about as accurate as volumetric flasks.  I don't know if such kits are still

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