Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Fri Sep 16 09:28:18 EST 1994

In article <35bo43$2k5 at>,  <beblum at> wrote:
>RNA editing research group in Bern is
>requesting information about the use of CIP (calf intestinal alk. phosphatase)
>or BAP (bacterial alkaline phosphatase) in order to remove
>the 3' terminal phosphate from an RNA oligo. Which of the two works better for
>this special purpose?
>All information concerning the topic is appreciated.

The enzyme of choice CIP, because it can be heat inactivated by incubation
at 65 degrees, while BAP requires a phenol and chloroform extraction for
inactivation. CIP is *very* efficient in KGB (or "universal") buffer--simply
add a few units at the end of your digestion and incubate for 5 more minutes
at 37 degrees, then heat inactivate.  Be careful not to incubat much longer,
since CIP does have a problem that it seems to chew up the ends of your
DNA if you let it go too long, making your fragment unclonable.


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