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> >RNA editing research group in Bern is
 >requesting information about the use of CIP (calf intestinal alk. phosphatase)
 >or BAP (bacterial alkaline phosphatase) in order to remove
 >the 3' terminal phosphate from an RNA oligo. Which of the two works better for
 >this special purpose?
> The enzyme of choice CIP, because it can be heat inactivated by incubation
> at 65 degrees, while BAP requires a phenol and chloroform extraction for
> Carlisle

Another alternative is Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase as this is very sensitive
to heat inactivation but is reportedly otherwise the same as CAP.  I've used
SAP successfully but haven't performed a direct comparison.  However, the
knowledge that the enzyme is efficiently killed is one less worry.  I
don't have the deatils handy so I can't give you the supplier.  I suspect
it is somewhat more expensive than CAP but one tube lasts for ages.

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