Isolation of RNA from liver

Carla Hass CAH19 at
Sun Sep 18 09:45:21 EST 1994

I have had success isolating mRNA for construction of cDNA libraries from
amphibian liver using the FastTrack kit from Invitrogen.  Starting with
0.5 to .8 gm of fresh frozen liver (some samples > 4 years old) I have
recovered between 5 and 25 ug of polyA, with OD260/OD280 > 2.  I got a
lower yield for the two lizard livers that I tried and the OD ratio was
1.7 for both.  I used them anyway and the libraries seem fine (I can find the
cDNA that I want) although the number of recombinants is lower than in my
amphibian libraries.

Carla Hass
Penn State Univ.
Biology Dept.

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