Rf: 2-D protein gels

LOGAND logand at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr
Mon Sep 19 09:04:10 EST 1994

>I am thinking of using 2-D electrophoresis to examine differences between
>two strains of mice under two sets of conditions.  My experience with
>protein gels ended about 15 years ago.  Could some kind soul suggest some
>references (books or articles) that could give me guidance in how to


>Jim Owens

Try "Gel Electrophoresis of proteins: A Practical Approach" 2nd Edition
Edited by Hames, BD. and Rickwood, D.


IRL Press


Although this is my second IRL Press book plug on the net in as many days I have
no conections with authors, editors or publishers. They are just good books in 
my objective opinion.

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