amber ampicillin resistance (pivx users)

Johnny D jpcd0 at
Mon Sep 19 10:12:50 EST 1994

I am trying to get hold of a plasmid with an amber mutation in the
ampicillin gene. I have the bacterial strain MC1061/p3 which has a P3
episome but I would prefer to select for the presence of supF directly.
This episome is at v low copy number and I dont have a map so I cant clone
from this.

Apparently propagating the vector pivx requires the presence of such an
amber mutated plasmid. Can anyone help? 

John Dixon                     Lab 44 (223) 334131
Wellcome/CRC Institute         Fax 44 (223) 334134
Dept Genetics
Cambridge University    
United Kingdom       e-m: jpcd0 at

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