Liver RNA Prep Needed

D.Greeve <DAEMON> darreng at
Mon Sep 19 02:53:46 EST 1994

In article <Cw8ox7.Ar6 at> rcdana at (Richard Dana) writes:

>Having trouble with  avian liver RNA prep, need protocol. Brain, and 
>heart and skeletal muscle preps are contaminated with DNA but have good 
>yield. What can I do to minimize DNA contamination and obtain good liver 
>RN for cDNA library construction.

>Richard Dana

Richard, I was having trouble with sheep liver/uterine/muscle RNA extractions. 
I assume though you are looking at extracting mRNA, not total RNA as I was. 
Try using the "Bresatec" RNA extraction reagents eg. Ultraspec or RNAzol B. 
They seem to reduce yields slightly but clean up all DNA/Protein 
contamination. From here I would guess that a CsCl prep to separate the mRNA 
would be the way to go.

Darren Greeve.

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