Ribosomal RNA prep?

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Mon Sep 19 16:22:53 EST 1994

In Article <1994Sep19.151629.27576 at ac.dal.ca>, isbruck at ac.dal.ca (RICHARD
>I'm having difficulty probing my northerns since the mRNA that I am
>looking for is so close to that of rRNA, and I am also beginning to
>suspect that the probe is binding non-specifically to rRNA (but am not
>100% sure about that).  To verify the specificity of the probe, I would
>like to run a control lane of pure ribosomal RNA, but i'm not too sure
>how to isolate it.   Does anyone know of a method for isolating ribosomal
>RNA from tissue or from a total-RNA prep?  I thought about cutting it
>out of a gel, but i'm worried that i'll be getting the mRNA I'm probing
>for in the same piece.  I'm not too sure how well a poly-dT column will
>work since there is the question of non-poly-A-tailed mRNA.  All suggestions
>will be greatly appreciated.
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I haven't tried this, but maybe you could use something like DynaBeads to
bind up the mRNA, remove the beads with the mRNA using the magnet, then
precipitate the supernatant containing the rRNA. A couple of rounds of this
procedure should remove the mRNA from your prep, yielding relatively pure
rRNA, shouldn't it?

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