Ribosomal RNA prep?

Michael van Waes bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU
Mon Sep 19 14:48:05 EST 1994

>I'm having difficulty probing my northerns since the mRNA that I am
>looking for is so close to that of rRNA, and I am also beginning to
>suspect that the probe is binding non-specifically to rRNA (but am not
>100% sure about that).  To verify the specificity of the probe, I would
>like to run a control lane of pure ribosomal RNA, but i'm not too sure
>how to isolate it.   Does anyone know of a method for isolating ribosomal
>RNA from tissue or from a total-RNA prep?  I thought about cutting it
>out of a gel, but i'm worried that i'll be getting the mRNA I'm probing
>for in the same piece.  I'm not too sure how well a poly-dT column will
>work since there is the question of non-poly-A-tailed mRNA.  All suggestions
>will be greatly appreciated.
>Richard Isbrucker			e-mail: isbruck at ac.dal.ca
>Dalhousie University			Tel:    (902) 494-2571
>Department of Pharmacology
>Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3H 4H6
 I don't know what organism it is, but if it is a common lab creature (other
 than graduate students), you can make a ribosomal prep and phenol extract

 Cheers!			MvW.

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