DIG labeling

Kath.Nesbitt at plant.utas.edu.au Kath.Nesbitt at plant.utas.edu.au
Mon Sep 19 23:49:55 EST 1994

Hi everyone,
	Some time ago I posted about a problem that I was having with re-probiong
my Southern blots with Dig labeled probes.  Thanks to everyone who replied.
 It seems that I diidn't make myself very clear however.  While I am
re-using probes occasionally that's not the problem.  I am probong the
blots with many different probes and after the third or fourth re-probing
(with a new probe every time) the background of the membrane is very high
and the signal is very low.  Even if I repeat the same probe (made fresh)
the membranes have a high background and the signal is nothing like it was
the first time that I did that probe.  Probing with many fragments is
central to my project so if anyaone has any ideas I'd really like to hear
them, I'm getting desperate.  I have spoken with B-M  but thay haven't
really been able to help.  I'm using all the recommended reagents and

Thanks Katherine

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