Oligo synthesisers: Millipore Expedite vs Beckman Oligo 1000

Dr. Jeremy Martinson martinson at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 19 19:04:34 EST 1994

Dear All

We are looking into buying a new oligo synthesiser to replace our old Applied 
Biosystems model. We've narrowed the list down to two; the Beckman Oligo 1000 
and the Millipore Expedite, and currently have them both in on trial. I'd be 
very grateful for any comments and opinions any users of these machines may 

For my own £0.02 worth, the Beckman machine seems a breeze to learn and use, 
and the fast cycle is very fast (if expensive in terms of reagents) but the 
current delivery arrangement for reagents and consumables from Beckman Europe 
is so dreadful that it would be funny, providing it was happening to someone 
else. The Millipore Expedite seems to need a bit more concentration to 
operate, but as we've only had it for a day that opinion may change. The 
`workstation' that comes with it (a £3,000 surcharge for a humble 486-33 PC) 
is an irrelevance to us which we wouldn't buy. I like the fact that the 
Expedite has two columns that can genuinely be run in parallel, which makes it 
as fast as the Beckman machine in effect, and you don't have to attend to it 
so often (we aren't a dedicated synthesis facility -  we all have day jobs as 
well :-) ). These are all first impressions after a brief test, and if anyone 
has any longer-term experience I'd love to hear it. I'd be particularly 
interested in any experience of after-sales service and maintenance problems.

Reply either by email or to this group. If anyone else is contemplating a 
purchase too, I'd be happy to post a summary of the comments in due course.


Jeremy Martinson

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