Problems with 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes

Anthony Palombella palomb at beagle.Colorado.EDU
Tue Sep 20 18:18:23 EST 1994

raffa at (Raffaele Matteoni) writes:

>We are having problems with RNA ppt'on in 1.5 ml Eppendorf since Dec.
>93 -Jan 94. RNA sticks to tubes and resuspension in dH2O-buffers is
>very inefficent!

>We suspect lot variations in the quality/nature of tube plastic.

>Any help/comment/case report is welcome    

	Are the tubes autoclaved?  Some tubes are nuclease free as purchased
and don't need autoclaving for RNA work.  In a former lab, we found that
tubes from the same box caused RNA to stick when autoclaved but not when used
as-is.  Good luck.

				-- Tony
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