Phage display expression library

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Tue Sep 20 04:36:27 EST 1994

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>Has anyone tried the phage display technology to construct a cDNA
>expression library. Could this be done. Which company provides a suitable
>vector. What will happen to the phage if the insert does not provides a
>continuous ORF and therefore affect the translation of the phage surface
>protein? Any advice will be appreciated.

I havent heard of  any cDNA libs. on phage, yet, but why not? Regarding
the ORF, this shouldnt be a problem. In all display-systems Ive heard
of, the insert will be fused to either pIII or pVIII in the phage-coat,
if the ORF is broken, the phage cannot assemble and will therefor dissapear
from your pool.

If anybody else are working on this, PLEASE keep me informed!

Thanks in advance

Troels Wind
wind at

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