Yeast Nitrogen Base??

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> Hello:
> Could anyone tell me (=write me) what actually hides behind these words?
> What is the chemical composition of YNB? And what will happen to the
> yeast if I feed it with only ammonium sulfate, instead of YNB (I'll
> supply some carbon, of course)?

i don't know what feeding it only ammonium sulfate would do (since i'm a
worm biologist), but one of the people who works on yeast in our lab (but
doesn't do newsgroups) told me the YNB recipe and where to get it. Volume 194 of Methods in Enzymology: "Guide to Yeast Genetics and
Molecular Biology"  Eds. Christine Guthrie and Gerald R. Fink, (c) 1991,
Academic Press.  Page 14 has the recipe for YNB a.k.a. Synthetic Minimal
(SD) Media.  it's actually a really long list of stuff which i don't have
time to type out, but if you want it and can't find it yourself, send me
your fax # and i'll send it to you.


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