test question/problem solving

cyto at cc.usu.edu cyto at cc.usu.edu
Wed Sep 21 22:50:17 EST 1994

I will be teaching a new molecular cloning class at our institution.  I am
interested in a resource providing test questions and problem solving (case
studies).  This is a laboratory course.  Some of the procedures to be taught
are restriction digestion, agarose gel, bacterial transf., dideoxy DNA cycle
sequencing, ligation, Southern blot, plasmid prep.  Some examples are:
1)  Determine the micromolar concentration of 1 microgram of ssDNA 20-mer in
100 microliters.
2)  Describe how to make a 10% SDS solution.  Show math.
3)  Given the accession number of firefly luciferase, describe the strategy for
making an expression vector using the IL-2 promoter (** accession number). 
Describe each step including the types of reactions and sources of commercial
Problem solving of experimental strategies, as illustrated in #3, would be
particularly useful and of great interest to me. E-mail me directly. Thanks in

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