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BEBLUM at ibc.unibe.ch BEBLUM at ibc.unibe.ch
Wed Sep 21 13:23:02 EST 1994

Hi everybody,

In my experience there are basically just two sources of
RNases: One comes with your biological specimen and the second 
are your hands. You have to fight both.
For the first: Be fast, cool and as much denaturing as possible,
or just use another biological system.
For the second: Wear clean gloves in every instant you are
touching things (chemicals, vials, setups etc.) which will/might once
(even if it is one year from now!) come into physical contact with RNA.
Only when your materials and equipment already got
contaminated with RNases you need all the horrible stuff described
earlier in this newsgroup. Don't panic!


	Beat Blum

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