Fuji film sensitivity loss

Chutney devitta at uk.ac.birmingham
Wed Sep 21 05:52:15 EST 1994

In article <1994Sep21.100608.1 at icrf.icnet.uk>, g_watson at icrf.icnet.uk wrote:

> Hi Netters
>         We seem to be having a problem with the sensitiviy of our new batch of
> Fuji film.  We use their RX film  ID No 036010.  Last nights autorad was just
> about clear even though it gave good (Stonking) counts on the monitor.  Past
> experience with the isotope (35S) and Fuji film lead us to hope for a much
> better result.  Two seprerate gels, run by different people gave this result.
>         The problem seems to be with EM No 12519 (Whatever EM means) The K No
> is 10018 (Whatever K means).  Anyway the EM number and the K Number are the
> only ones that differ between the old and the new batch of film.
>         Of course the old batch could have been excetional :-).  It's EM
> is 11607 while it's K No is 10308 (yes its smaller for the newer  batch?).
>         Tonight we are setting up an exposure of an old gel with the new film
> to compare directly the sensitivities, but I just wondered if anyone else has
> experienced any such problems?
> /sig 

If I were you I would not use this medical X-ray film for anything
especially low energy beta emittors like 35-S.  You would be far better
off with Amershams hyperfilm which while it is more expensive is far more

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