Amplification of plasmids NOT with Chloramphenicol

Zophonias O. Jonsson zjons at
Wed Sep 21 06:26:07 EST 1994

  Does someone have experience with using other antibiotics than
Chloramphenicol to amplify low copy number plasmids?  According to Maniatis
Spectinomycin should work but I wonder what is the optimal concentration
and if to use the same protocol as for Chloramphenicol.
  The reason I ask is that I have to isolate plasmids containing the pMB1
ori from a strain carrying pLysS, so that it is chloramphenicol resistant. 
I don't mind getting a mixture of the plasmids as long as I can get enough
DNA from my minipreps.
  As most of you know Chloramphenicol allows some plasmids to grow to high
copy numbers by inhibiting protein synthesis.  I wonder if other inhibitors
of protein synthesis will work as well.  Has anyone tried Streptomycin,
Tetracycline, Hygromycin, Gentamycin or kanamycin?  If anyone has I would
be very happy to hear from him/her.


zjons at

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