Glowing BLUE DNA Gels

roy french rfrench at
Thu Sep 22 08:55:22 EST 1994

Several years ago I had a gel glowing with bright blue 
fluorescence which made me wish I had sunglasses. I checked
the plastic tray which was used to EtBR stain my gel--same
glowing blue!  The plastic trays in the lab were used for three
things: staining gels, soaking gels or membranes in blotting 
procedures, and soaking gels in 1M Na salicylate for fluorography.
It turns out that if the tray is not extensively rinsed out 
immediately after using Na salicylate, enough remains behind to 
stain several gels bright blue.

Just a thought,

Roy French, USDA, ARS
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska

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