PCR Clean up, 150bp frag???

Kevin Pumiglia pumiglk at aa.wl.com
Thu Sep 22 19:16:02 EST 1994

In article <CwHn85.CLE at news.unr.edu>, jb at scs.unr.edu (Jon Burrows) wrote:

> Can anyone advise me on the most efficient way to clean up a 150bp PCR 
> product from multiple rxns..I'm trying to get 50micrograms. Typical resin 
> systems don't work well <3% recovery and I'm loathe to cut bands or DEAE 
> from a prep gel, although this may be the way to go.
> Thanks Jon.
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I had reasonable recovery (80%) with a product called "Mermaid".  Sort of a
redesign of Geneclean for small fragments.  It is available from Bio101 (No

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