Non radioactive Northern Blot Procedure

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>     Please recommend a non radioactive Northern blot procedure. 
>     Is non radioactive as sensitive the radioactive method?

if you are using an RNA probe for your Northern, the Boehringer Mannheim
Genius system appears to work very well (i haven't tried it except for
Southerns, but i've seen some of the Northerns that people in the dept.
have done and they look pretty good.)  the sensitivity is as good -- in
some cases better, in some cases a little worse -- than radioactive.  i
prefer the Genius to radioactive any day when it comes to Southerns.  about
the only step in the protocol that is more time consuming than with 32P is
measuring the probe labelling efficiency.  other than that, it's more or
less identical (maybe a couple more wash steps) and you have the peace of
mind of not working with radioactivity.

one caveat is that if you are working with a DNA probe, Genius will not
work (BMB was kind enough to tell us that right off the bat) and i am not
familiar with any other non-radioactive Northern protocols which will work.


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