Glowing BLUE DNA Gels

Shahram Mori smori at
Fri Sep 23 20:47:39 EST 1994

Paul N Hengen (pnh at wrote:
: ...Just when you thought it was safe to enter the darkroom

: : Not having a glove in reach I adjusted the position of a gel with my bare
: : hand.  After looking at the gel on UV, I saw that there was a bright blue spot
: : at every point I had touched the gel.  That'll teach me to use gloves!
: : It was kinda cool looking, 'though, and didn't show up on the film

There is a posssibility that its the left over powder on your fingers
that most of the gloves carry in them. One could try an experiment in the
following way. Touch one side of the agarose with washed hands prior to
their placemant in glove. Also without placing hand in the glove and
touching the gel before and after washing. 

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