Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Fri Sep 23 20:09:23 EST 1994

Janet E. Rubin (jrubi02 at unix.cc.emory.edu) wrote:
: Can anyone help us with our RT-PCR problem?  We have GAP 
: primers that work perfectly well in rat and mouse - and in fact were 
: suggested by a  BioTechniques article because they were 
: supposed to read  human as well.  However, despite being able 
: to RT-PCR other things from HL-60 cells, our GAP primers do not 
: work, at all (no band).  So the question is, is GAP wierd in HL-60 
: cells (has anyone else RT'd GAP without problems?), any 
: suggestions for good primers for housekeeping-ish genes in this 
: cell line?  

: Thanks in advance (or previously as someone once wrote).    

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