5 Kb by RT-PCR

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Fri Sep 23 19:58:40 EST 1994

Pierre Commercon (pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr) wrote:
: Hello

: I need help,
: How can be amplified by RT-PCR long fragment about 5Kb

: Thanks

: Pierre

: Pcomm at CISMIBM.univ-lyon1.fr
This is not really LONG PCR. I would just suggest using Taq and hot
starting your PCR. HoweverIf you have gene specific primers, I would suggest
using the rtTH ( from Perkin elmer ) and hot PCR.
This helps if your DNA has big time 2ndary structures as you can do the
annealing/extention at relatively high temps and help keep your DNA linear.
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