merlin merlin at
Sun Sep 25 00:10:51 EST 1994

>I will strive to become a not-for-profit research scientist again so that 
>I can rejoin the club and help others do science.

As one of the people who helped construct the original ARPANET by developing
device driver code for interfacing the BBN IMP (Internet Message Processor)
to several 1970's vintage mainframe system, I must say that not everyone in
the supposedly not-for-profit community has such a narrow interpretation of
appropriate use policies/commercial advertising on the INTERNET.  I used to
believe NSF AUP should cover all INTERNET newsgroups and mailing lists.  The
fact of the matter, though, as pointed out to me on numerous occasions is my
cherished ARPANET links have been largely displaced by commercial sponsored
backbone links -- most INTERNET traffic travels exclusively over commercial
links -- NSF is getting out of the backbone transport business -- and NSF's
AUP is essentially dead at this point -- and NSF's AUP will be totally dead
in a matter of a few more months as NSF support for backbone transport dies.

I do not relish the idea of INTERNET becomming a commercial free for all to
be exploited by commercial advertisers, purveyors of pornography, etc -- but
reference to the dying NSF AUP as a regulatory authority for censoring what
some people characterize as advertisements -- these claims are inappropriate.

I suggest as a matter of common courtesy that people not blatently advertise
in this newsgroup, to related mailing lists, or to individual members -- but
I would never claim such a suggestion has the weight of regulatory authority.
If someone is aware of current administrative actions by NSF to enforce NSF's
AUP then I would be most interested in learning of the details.

No one is required to wear a hair shirt or take an oath of poverty to comment
on the issues in this newsgroup.  Indeed, the affiliations of many members
would suggest at least a few people using molecular biology techniques have
at least a token pecuniary interest in the effective use of their techniques.

Individual one on one contacts of the nature suggested in previous postings
under this heading do not seem at all inappropriate unless the originator was
asked to cease and desist from further email messages by the recipients.

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