Perkin Elmer VS Thermolyne: Recommendations?

RichWalko richwalko at
Sun Sep 25 19:54:04 EST 1994

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Unless you (or your advisor) is locked into buying only either the P-E or
Thermolyne thermocycler, look into the MJ Research PTC-100.  I have
personally used it in several labs for both amplification and
cycle-sequencing on the Pharmacia ALF automated DNA Sequencer.  It works
well for both, which is not something that can be said for all
thermocyclers.  We have the P-E model you're considering in our lab.  The
P-E works well for both amplification and cycle-seq., but requires oil
(something I prefer to avoid.)  The MJR can take small tubes or 96-well
plates, has good ramp times, convenient block position, and best of all,
you can get a "hot bonnet" for it, so you don't need oil.  The hot bonnet
is an option, but together with the machine comes to about the same price
as the P-E you mentioned, maybe somewhat higher if less discounted.  I am
not sure if I have ever worked with a Thermolyne, but usually I remember
machines that work for cycle-seq., which tends to be a bit more finicky
than amplification when it comes to a thermocycler's temp. control and
ramp rate.  I would get the MJR if I were to get another machine.  And, if
you're really concerned, ask for a demo.

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