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Sat Sep 24 14:45:57 EST 1994


On a .4% agarose gel, even genomic DNA should migrate out of the well, it
just won't resolve at all.  It should run a little above the 20kb or so
region of the gel.  There are two possibilites:

1)  You have some kind of protein complex attached to the DNA that is
screwing up the migration.  This is unlikely.  You can eliminate this
possibility with standard Phenol/chloroform treatment before running the

2)  There is often some "schmutz" that onme can find in the lane, even on
plasmid preps, etcetera.  I have no idea what this "schmutz" is, but it
just kind of hangs out near the bottom of the well and floursces.  My
guess is that this is what you are seeing... probablynot worth pursuing.

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