RNA tips (DEPC and nucleic acid)

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Mon Sep 26 04:37:13 EST 1994

In <94263.111550LKM100F at ODUVM.BITNET>, <LKM100F at ODUVM.BITNET> writes:
>Michele Young wrote that the point of autoclaving solutions with DEPC was
>to break it down so that one doesn't have to worry about working with a
>potential carcinogen.
>   Not only that, but the presence of DEPC can inhibit some enzymes such
>as DNA and RNA polymerases.  So, you can defeat the purpose of your method
>if you're not careful.  Laura Moen

In addition to which, DEPC reacts with Tris (amine group) if you add it to Tris 
buffer. And, of course, DEPC is classically used for alkylating RNA (purine N's) in
the chemical RNA sequencing method and in modification-interference expts.

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