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Mon Sep 26 17:22:22 EST 1994

In Article <Cwo15u.2Ks at>, rcdana at (Richard Dana)
>I regret that I have shared my interesting results on the net and will 
>refrain from further announcements of new products.
>All communications with BIONET have been performed as an individual and 
>as a scientist with sincere interest in sharing information. I regret 
>that my enthusiasm for sharing knowledge is in violation of net policies.
>I will strive to become a not-for-profit research scientist again so that 
>I can rejoin the club and help others do science.
>Richard Dana

    I think many of us regard advertisements on the NET as obnoxious.
However, it is a free network, in the sense that it is not strictly
controlled by anyone. NSF does not have authority over this group any more
than I do. If you are truly interested in helping scientists, you should do
whatever it is that you think is right. Granted, if you continually
advertise new products you have for sale, people will probably ask you to
stop (I would). On the other hand, if you post some new/faster/easier method
free for all of us to use, I doubt if one person will complain.
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