Ivitrogen Electroporator II?

Uttam Rajbhandary bhandary at wccf.mit.edu
Mon Sep 26 17:59:00 EST 1994

In article <35r7n3$90p at u.cc.utah.edu>, brad at corona.med.utah.edu (Brad Nicholson) writes...
>	Hello, recently the Grant Gods smiled upon our lab.  We are 
>considering purchasing an Invitrogen electroporator.  We intend to 
>electroporate various E. coli and Salmonella strains.  If anyone has 
>experience/opinons good or bad with this equipment respond here or to the 
>email address below. (Yes I know that the Bio Rad machine has more goodies,

We purchased the machine last year, primarily because we already have on hand 
numerous high voltage power suplies.  Since we wouldn't be using it as the 
method for transforming cells, it seemed to be the most economical approach 
The Invitrogen machine could be used 
successfully with the machine, so that a powersupply is not dedicated for a 
single function.  We have used it for bacteria and yeast.  We haven't yet 
tried it with mammalian cells.

Harold Drabkin
c/o bhandary at wccf.mit.edu

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