Air cyclers and sequencing

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> >Hi,
> >
> >After reading all the testimonials here I decided to demo an aircyler (Idaho
> >tech) for myself and see how it goes. I got it, and it's nice (except that
> >it holds at most 3 programs, and very simple programs at that) for it's speed
> >although the capillaries take some getting used to. 
> >
> >I was wondering if anybody had done nonradioactive sequencing reactions with
> >these. It seem that all that light may cause photo breaching of the fluorescent
> >tags. 

well, if you are using the ABI kits for autosequencing, the protocol
specifically says to shield the reaction mixtures from light.  in my
experience, this means keeping the dye mixture in a brown tube, turning off
the light on my bench and half of the lights in my bay,  and keeping
everything buried in the ice.  some people go even further, but my results
are good without going crazy.  running the reactions in a thermocycler
which relied on heat lamps would destroy the flourescent tags in no time
flat.  call tech services of whatever company you get your reagents from
and ask them.


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