Fax number of Clontech

Hannes Klump HANNES at bch.univie.ac.at
Tue Sep 27 07:40:57 EST 1994

Hi folks!
First, does anyone of you happen to know the fax number of Clontech
Laboratories in Palo Alto?
Second, I currently establishing the yeast two-hybrid screen from
Stephen Elledge in our lab. Does anyone know if any lambda-ACT cDNA
libraries from HeLA and Yeast (S.Cerevisiae) exist and if, how I can
get them.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Hannes Klump
Institute of Biochemistry
University of Vienna
Dr. Bohrgasse 9/3
A-1030 Vienna / Austria
e-mail: Hannes at bch.univie.ac.at
"Trust me, I'm a Scientist...."

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