Where to get shrimp alk. phosphatase?

NICHOLAS THEODORAKIS ntheo at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Wed Sep 28 12:51:20 EST 1994

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>Help! Where can I buy shrimp alkaline phosphatase? Thanks.

United States Biochemical
Cat# 70092  $55 for 1000 U (1994 catalog)

I have no affiliation with USB or its parent company, etc., blah blah...

I tried it once, then went back to using CIAP, followed by inactivation 
with Prot K and SDS, spun column, etc.  It seems to me CIAP works better 
(my kinased probes seemed hotter after phosphatasing with CIAP vs. SAP), 
but this wasn't a well controlled experiment, just a gut feeling.  Maybe 
somebody else in the lab left the SAP too long on the bench or something.


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