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Wed Sep 28 22:57:23 EST 1994

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: Shiao Y. Wang (sywang at wrote:

: : Does anyone use this cycler? I'd like to hear your opinion of the
cycler. : : Thanks.

: I have a different opinion. I tried both Idaho and Ericomp cyclers for the
: detection of Y-chromosome from human genomic DNA under the almost
: identical conditions.  I fully agree that the Idaho capillary system is
: very faster and convenient.  But I was unable to detect the target PCR
: product from the Idaho system.  It appears to me that if the target
: sequence is not "abundant", the Idaho capillary system may not be
: effecive.  I have no conncetion with Idaho or Ericomp.

Since I wrote the original posting and have an Ericomp cycler, I should
relate my recent experience. I have tried the Idaho thermocycler and it is
AMAZINGLY fast. Because of the capillary tube and the extremely fast ramp
times, the buffer composition is quite different and needs to be
optimized. What worked for the Ericomp did not work for the Idaho cycler.
But once the reaction has been optimized for the Idaho, it worked very nicely.
For diagnostic procedures, I don't see how it can be beat.

The only thing that nags at me is the $3900 cost of the thermocycler.
The price is in line with other thermocyclers, but the design APPEARS
simple. I'm looking into building one myself. If anyone has experience or
is interested, please let me know.

Shiao Wang
University of Southern Mississippi

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